Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google Another professionals to challange the Democracy of India

There are about 20,000 Professional blog writer whose technical and non-technical articles are read. All these bloggers earn their bread by praising google. If they stop praising they will not get the fat cheque from Adsense departments of Google,instead they might get a ban.So, I cannot assume that this article can come from a PRO-writer hence Naive such as me has to pick up pen.

I am not the first one to blame Google for something.But when it comes to my country I think Google goes to Rank-2. Recently I came across Article on Rajneeti.comwhere 3 links of Maps of India are shown in google Maps. (See link). The map of India is accordance "what that country desires" and not according to DGSI (Director General Surveyor of India) or UNO.

It is clear that to overcome the China`s Firewall " The great firewall of China"; Google has changed the map of India, showing not only Arunachal as its part but also Kashmir. It is clear that corporate lust of "more clicks" to Google has gone so down hill that they never think of 1-billion sentiments.

This cheap step of Google can clearly mean that moral of company towards "Social Responsibility" is really lower then its "ambition of earning."

These are links for proof…………….

For China- http://ditu.google.cn/

For India- http://maps.google.co.in/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

For US- http://maps.google.com/

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  1. I'm afraid to post a comment now :P

    So following facts were stated in this post :
    1. that there are many people on google's payroll, and that you are not one of them (stated and proven :p)
    2. that many people complain about google. (and that you do too :p)
    3. that on rajneeti.com, there are links to google pages, which show 3 different versions of maps of India, and that these maps are not as per DGSI or UNO specifications/requirements.
    4. and that google put these 3 different versions, one for india, one for china, one for the rest of the world - because of its greed.

    (mind you, i am not dis-agreeing anywhere. and that you may correct me if i've mis-understood any of the above points)

    so i have a few questions ( :p ) -
    1. if there were no border disputes, would google still show 3 versions of the maps ?
    2. can everyone in the world stop using all google services - like this blogger service too, as a sign of protest ? would it make any difference to google if everyone stopped using all google services ?
    3. should google use UNO maps for everyone, instead of 3 versions ?

    now if you understood what i said before on gtalk, you would see these questions as questions, and you'd probably answer.
    but if you didnt understand what i said before on gtalk, then you will probably add meanings to these questions..... and then i'm in big trouble :P