Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Republic Day 2010 - Kashmir lost completely!

From morning 6 AM to 8 AM colony`s literate and educated citizens discussed on lot of problems current and coming. A time came when every one praised past 60 years as a mark of success.
Few political leaders came and took their part in welt sore of the country.

At the end a 100 year old grandpa came and greeted every one. His speech was mostly explaining the tough time they have seen in past but at end he was worried that this might be a peak of good time for country. He presented facts such as

- Illiteracy in politics.
- Lac of tactics and interest in politics.
- Change in climate (creating lack of food causing increase in crime rate)
- Rapid increase in population specially old aged people.
- Dependency on technology.
- Foreign love

He made the ground silent for long time. He expressed " I dreamed of living in aazad Bharat and God gave me that. Now I dont want to see fall of it infront of me, just because we cant live together. "

Post discussions he accepted that media was in hands of high part of society and they misused it to max possible.Till date their dependents are using it.


Next came a young girl of 18-20 years in age and explained how his dad died in Kashmir and how the video of his execution was shown to her family. Later she told us that it was the time and year of 2000. Most of us was shedding tears but her next sentence brought us to edge!

"My dad fought for mother land till breath and on 60th Republic Day of India no Indian Flag is hoist on Shri Nagar`s Lal Chauk as the CM says " It will invite terrorism". If Indians were and are so coward then I am sorry for my Dad`s mistake "
This not just my story ask any one who`s parent died in any war. Government acts aloof on country."

She explained more on Border areas and made us feel how borders are different then rest of country and how slowly we are loosing it.

Any how Happy republic day to you too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google Another professionals to challange the Democracy of India

There are about 20,000 Professional blog writer whose technical and non-technical articles are read. All these bloggers earn their bread by praising google. If they stop praising they will not get the fat cheque from Adsense departments of Google,instead they might get a ban.So, I cannot assume that this article can come from a PRO-writer hence Naive such as me has to pick up pen.

I am not the first one to blame Google for something.But when it comes to my country I think Google goes to Rank-2. Recently I came across Article on Rajneeti.comwhere 3 links of Maps of India are shown in google Maps. (See link). The map of India is accordance "what that country desires" and not according to DGSI (Director General Surveyor of India) or UNO.

It is clear that to overcome the China`s Firewall " The great firewall of China"; Google has changed the map of India, showing not only Arunachal as its part but also Kashmir. It is clear that corporate lust of "more clicks" to Google has gone so down hill that they never think of 1-billion sentiments.

This cheap step of Google can clearly mean that moral of company towards "Social Responsibility" is really lower then its "ambition of earning."

These are links for proof…………….

For China- http://ditu.google.cn/

For India- http://maps.google.co.in/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

For US- http://maps.google.com/

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Movie - The Book and Chetan`s 4th Mistake

Dear Brother Chetan Bhiya,

I am not a big fan of your books clearly. I am a big fan of English movie and Politics of India. I am concerned with lot of Indians who are upset from the system called Indian politics and parts running under it.( Thats right I am just another Indian)

Till now I clearly see you as a businessman who sells books which he writes for fun!.Your books are demeaning to educated (or education taking girls) and supports to grow filthiness amongst youngster by telling them "how to use education as a shield of sex? "

Now, As my oath to help Indians Let me help you by following :-

This is what brought you in mess. You think you are PRO writer (language wise its true but legality wise it is not).

4-a) If you want credit of Movie you should have gone to Censer board when Script and Story were passed by writer.

4-b) You should have clearly mentioned your share of credit either in terms of money or in terms of placing the name of book or author.

4-c) Patent of FPS is under Author Suppression Act. Which means "Writing Publishing Edited Writing and Edited publishing is prohibited.. . .No Claw Regarding making movie on it.

If you File a case your weak points will be :-

A) Your weak patent. ( 4-C )
B) You came late to take story credit.
C) Still if Court takes your case then your FPS patent has patents of
i) "Names of Characters" : 15%
ii) "Scenario and Be ground lines" : 30%
iii) "Exciting Scenes " : 15%
iv) " Name of Patent Objection" : 10%
v)" Story line " : 30%

So, C-i,C-iii,C-iv are not in your favor i.e totally 40% is not stolen from you. Also I am not including (C-iii) as I am not sure they have shown the "Neha with top off! " of your book in movie. Still your opponents get 40% not copied.

Law says : If book is copied for more then 75% then its copyright infringement case. Name of Characters and Story line have very much details which can be removed by placing the following para in movie
" Any and all names, characters, pictures, scenes, places, locations, locales, business establishments, organizations, associations, groups, entities, dominions, states, nations, governments, beliefs, circumstances, conditions, and events portrayed in this movie are either fictitious or fictitiously used. Any resemblance to real or actual person (living or dead) are pure coincidence. Any resemblance to real or actual character, characters, picture, pictures, scene, scenes, place, places, location, locations, locale, locales, business establishment, business establishments, organization, organizations, association, associations, group, groups, entity, entities, dominion, dominions, state, states, nation, nations, government, governments, belief, beliefs, circumstance, circumstances, condition, conditions, event, or events that exist, exists, existed, have existed, or will exist are pure coincidence. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence."

Now you have only 60% true hold (out of which 30% more can be taken if you take "exciting scene and turning points " ).

As far as " court outside settlement " is concerned , I know you are a good business man and you have good hold in International market you will come to draft some rout out.
Also I would like to suggest that "be legally strong for books you wrote".