Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maharashtra Crises will soon be seen as Central Government`s Fault

It’s a shame and disgusting to start an article with death but when the real media and writers sleep the lames have to take the front. Since 12/04/2010 the IPL was on roll of political-economic breakdown all channels were covering it. Only BBC was interested in Maharashtra state Govt. which has asked central Govt. for Rs.7262 crore special relief package for 3 million drought hit farmers of more than 15,000 villages in west vidarbha. In 16 days 23 farmers committed suicide due to crop failure and their incapability of feeding their family. Half an Hour program showed the condition of Maharashtra as brutal as Taliban.

Here is Year Wise of Vidarbha Farmers Suicide Data


Vidarbha farmers suicides















BBC informed that 2500 farmers protested against state government to release fund as sever draught is there. But the state government has no ears and hands as per the farmers.

Various NGOs and Socialists are demanding ban of crops that are water dependent and a quick aid to cotton farmers as majority area is depending on cotton crops.

State Govt. declared drought in 15460 villages in vidarbha due to complete crop failure and declared relief measures on paper hence VJAS urged Indian Prime Minister intervention in vidarbha agrarian crisis to address the dying farmers and to provide free health care, food security, rural employment, fodder to save dying cattle, drinking water to rural masses and cattle on priority basis so that prevailing acute distress can be minimize and farmers suicides can be controlled.

As I was in Old Delhi for Sansad`s work I visited N Bhargav`s office who is former Judge of Lower court currently working as Secretary to the Surveillance team of central government for Maharashtra Fund. His head president is a team of MPs from Maharashtra but unfortunately all belong to same party(congress). As soon as he told me I had nothing to ask to him regarding the funds.