Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Padma Bhushan Sant Singh Chatwala!!! and more

End of 2010 is far but in the list of " surprises 2010" Padma bhushan awards have ensured their seats in front row. Sant Chatwala claims that his intentions were/are clean for mother land but it do not appear from his work. According to Times of India article on 13-feb-2010 Sant Chatwala never borrowed any money from SBI but on 27 Jan 2010 Times of India published $ 9 million fraud against SBI by Chatwala said by BJP.

At the site of CBI a document kept by CBI as the proofs of news that are having names tag "CBI" in it. In its January version of documentation (page 2) CBI accepts that Sant Chatwala is accuse and case is in CBI.

His name also has concerns as "chatwal" or "chatwala". Such an act is done in order to avoid probes and continue the frauds.

In another angle to awards, renowned Hindi poet Acharya janki Ballabh Shastri has turned down the Padma Shri awards by govt., saying ,he was chose for it after decades after junior hindi poets were conferred the honor and now it has lost its value for him.Read full article.

In case of Chatwal his connections and intentions of use of connections helped India to make a good relation with USA as Chtwala made 3 PMs of India meet 4 Presidents of USA but his faults in understanding "TAC of Loans from SBI" took him down.

Clean Mind and Intentions Justice AP Shah Off the Chair!

He belongs to a lawyer family and has strong belief in working in right way."Decision of court should have human touch" ; "Emotions of mass should be involved in PIL" ; "Judges and Public servants should disclose their property" - and other "new generation" decision are calls of his work. Ajit Prakash Shah (born 13 February, 1948 at Solapur) is the outgoing judge of High Court Delhi. In his collection of plums are thorns more then fruits but yet he came clean.

"Times of India" publishes an exclusive interview with him. Click here.

Amir Khan " Credit of Actors in making songs hit "

Times of India presented a nice editorial on 18-Feb-2010 explaining how Amir Khan wants credit for hit songs. He said so as he was looking at the lists of Hit songs with no cut for him.A controversy article is also presented by Times.But after reading both articles there are still few things left out :-

- What about bad songs or good songs doomed due to bad movie or actors ???

I am not blaming Amir or particulars but I am surely blaming his this concept.He explain movie a "collaborative effort" which is good but where is the share for music when movie goes hit; at same time when movie is doomed then where is the share credit for its hit songs.( Movie: Veer) ???

If we look at videos of songs like "Mai Hu na - Kiska hai tumko intazar" and similar we see that actors have good effect on song. But mostly song videos are irrelevant to songs.

Best acting to song relevancy that I like is with song " Rihanna - Unfaithful".Hearing is a different sense of pleasure and watching totally reverse the sense.

So demand of Amir Khan is resultant of one sided profit based professionalism.