Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amir Khan " Credit of Actors in making songs hit "

Times of India presented a nice editorial on 18-Feb-2010 explaining how Amir Khan wants credit for hit songs. He said so as he was looking at the lists of Hit songs with no cut for him.A controversy article is also presented by Times.But after reading both articles there are still few things left out :-

- What about bad songs or good songs doomed due to bad movie or actors ???

I am not blaming Amir or particulars but I am surely blaming his this concept.He explain movie a "collaborative effort" which is good but where is the share for music when movie goes hit; at same time when movie is doomed then where is the share credit for its hit songs.( Movie: Veer) ???

If we look at videos of songs like "Mai Hu na - Kiska hai tumko intazar" and similar we see that actors have good effect on song. But mostly song videos are irrelevant to songs.

Best acting to song relevancy that I like is with song " Rihanna - Unfaithful".Hearing is a different sense of pleasure and watching totally reverse the sense.

So demand of Amir Khan is resultant of one sided profit based professionalism.

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