Monday, June 20, 2011

Reply to Tata`s fake Appreciation

This letter is in response to the “fake-appreciation you gave in UK”. 14.06.11

Dear Mr. Tata,

We received our appreciation from your mouth while you were in Europe explaining employees of TATA over there that how smartly we harass human resource in India which Britishers left.

No employee in India can leave office if there is a meeting at 5 o`clock in evening because he will be fired in morning by your high profile HR department and new frog will be hired uptill he turrs at the company rhythm.

Don’t you think that 8hrs is bottom line of working in India also as in Europe. In UK your company has to show Profit:Devidend:Avg Employee pay; Instead in India you get to hike your own salary by 120 times without explanation.

TCS India :: Data Entry world wide

In conference to a friend in USA I came to know that “ All companies like TCS Infosys etc do the lamest work in the field of computers. Indian software engineer is far worse than any other Geek who do not have any degree. I don’t know how much of it is true but If it is true it should be noted a worth while.

Claw of TCS are above Human Rights

The human right clearly mentions “Emotional matter” as a cause of service break for indefinite duration. These matters involve “death of family person” to “birth of child” and “pregnancy 6 to 8 month leaves”.

I can show you 100s of cases in which TCS has fired a trainee candidate on the basis of “being absent more than 2 days” when he was giving fire to the pyre of his father or mother.
In explanation to this your tamed HR officials say “we have mentioned in our contract”. What exactly have they written is not known to me but I can surely say “whatever it is written is not above the Human right or constitution of India”.
“Job of fear” and “job of interest” are 2 different products and cannot make same way.


TCS HRs are like college faculty or Dog. They like it only when you lick them like a dog. If you don’t serve them entertainment wise or any other way they won’t support you. It’s mostly like a kid – unless u give him dairy milk he won’t sing for you.

Problem for any new fresher in new city is of accommodation which most of HRs don’t wanna look at it unless you are a beautiful girl.

Tata Institute of Social Science

I was there for a visit of 1 Hr. tour. I saw that ERO research is mostly of how to use more and more machine in place of people. Statistics and researches are more inclined towards use of machine where men can be used just because machines don’t make that much complain and don’t go on strike.

I asked them how you defined TATA HR offices. Their answer was lame in every way. They dident knew “If there is no 1 above any another Indian then even you and me will start corrupting that post. Its something in our blood.”

Tata Steel : Tata Steal

Your plants are suffering from manpower requirement from min. of 30 engineers in each department to cumulate the load at almost all sites. Its easy to say “ you are stealing the labor jobs and harassing the current employee”. Service of fear is working here too. Your own furnace men told me he hasn’t taken lunch for past 2 days because he was the last to leave the plant, in his shift.

The romance of Tata steel” clearly mentions that “biggest asset is “company`s employee and nothing else”. The thing that draws my attention is “nothing else” part involved in the quote by Rustam jee. He could have said stopped at “company`s employee” but he wanted to indicate 1 step ahead.

TATA Nano : Sanand

Past year when you shifted to Gujrat I was able to see your Singoor plant in Sanand. Not only it’s awesome but services of Guj Gov are also awesome to you. Again when you get so- much discount then you should give benefit to employees??. Why there is no “bonus of tax benefit” Colum in salary slips.
Your production is slow then line capacity and creates bottle necking from time to time; only reason is HRs; they are not sincere to their duty and nor they give any attention to the training. Least is they are most disturbing on shop floor.

You are outgoing TATA and all this has also happened under your nose.

If anything that has hurt you in my article; well what can I say “Truth bites Tata jee but Truth is truth.”

Your company dont want to be second worst thing that ever happened to Indians in name of company; first one was Britishers – atleast they don’t belong to us but you belonged to us and that’s how this article bleeds out.