Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Padma Bhushan Sant Singh Chatwala!!! and more

End of 2010 is far but in the list of " surprises 2010" Padma bhushan awards have ensured their seats in front row. Sant Chatwala claims that his intentions were/are clean for mother land but it do not appear from his work. According to Times of India article on 13-feb-2010 Sant Chatwala never borrowed any money from SBI but on 27 Jan 2010 Times of India published $ 9 million fraud against SBI by Chatwala said by BJP.

At the site of CBI a document kept by CBI as the proofs of news that are having names tag "CBI" in it. In its January version of documentation (page 2) CBI accepts that Sant Chatwala is accuse and case is in CBI.

His name also has concerns as "chatwal" or "chatwala". Such an act is done in order to avoid probes and continue the frauds.

In another angle to awards, renowned Hindi poet Acharya janki Ballabh Shastri has turned down the Padma Shri awards by govt., saying ,he was chose for it after decades after junior hindi poets were conferred the honor and now it has lost its value for him.Read full article.

In case of Chatwal his connections and intentions of use of connections helped India to make a good relation with USA as Chtwala made 3 PMs of India meet 4 Presidents of USA but his faults in understanding "TAC of Loans from SBI" took him down.

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