Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can we come out of this IT Blindness ?

The world looks crazily satisfied when you look it with respected spectacles of IT. This IT shows and talks about the growth of IT itself. Millions of bloggers re-write the same stuff with different words and publish as if new thing has happened.

If we compare IT world to real-human world; we will easily see-Hungary children, child abuses, rape, murder etc. But how can we see it; we are glamorized by the show-offs of IT.

Ofcouse IT is needed part of human society but it should be watched carefully and closely.

The time we spent on Facebook and videos and sharing was the time that our ancestors used to create social tools such as -UNO, Democracy, doing social work , etc.

Though they are failed tools but our existence is still due to them.

If we look at the statics of creativity we can see that we have reached end in 1980. Cell fone was last invention in electronics. Cryogenics was last in rocket. Nano was another in mechanical.

Nothing good has come up in literature other then mashups of languages such as Hinglish (Hindi + English+short typos).No one works with the science these days.

Every renounced scholorer is worried about the existence of its own field. Everyone wants easy money of IT. My father and his father read "speed of light" theoretically. I read it theoretically and by the projections available I dont see it happening in near future.

Can we come out of this IT Blindness ??

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