Thursday, January 20, 2011

We all killed Jessica

The person who shot is ofcourse guilty of crime. . . .but

whole society is under the blame. . .

Alcohol Users

The beginning clearly suggest the immaturity of the city to handle the alcohol

Amount of Alcohol(per person) is more then required.

In various cities of UK and countries like USA etc there are alcohol standards.

There are lots of precautions that are to be followed but we dont pay attention.

Where were these screaming parents who let their childs out because other parents are also doing so ?

The parents of Jessica came screaming and crying to hospital.Where were they while whole draft of carrier.

We are not ours!

Most of people claimed to left party at 12 midnight insted of bullet shot at 1:30am . . .

If there s a trouble we all look at other side.. . . accept it!

Why to blame rich ?
These rich were somewhat like common man.It is always the next generation rich who commit crime and breaking the morality of system.I do blame parents of rich but I dont know the norms of Indian constitution on how to relax them.

In middle class and poor class there are people called "opportunists".You me and others are also looking for an opportunity in life to be rich but these opportunist have lust of finding it by any way even doing wrong deeds.
Unfortunately,in India when such opportunist meets his destiny either he/she dies or becomes rich.Why to blame to riches?


Role of Media is a bit legitimate in this move,it shows what it can do! but what mead does is much clear is peepli live of Amir Khan.

Lucky was Jessica who got Justice and a move after death; lots of people are alive and waiting for same. . . .

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  1. Practically it is not possible to solve each case like this.
    We have to support the system to be strong enough!!