Friday, October 23, 2009

Politics in Blog and news paper

When I was a small fat kid I always like vanilla and butterscotch but pap allowed only 1 Ice-cream for every one.So I always bribe my brother that "we will share different Ice-cream so you take vanilla and I take butterscotch.".He being innocent and un-introduced to the world of fat kids always followed me and I gave him my share of toys to play with them.

Today at age of 23 years; above story fits very brutally on those blog writers who were in media before blog writing.
Dont get confused.
- Like I liked the 2 Ice-Cream(greed) they like to carry money with almost no effort.
- Like I fooled my brother;they fool thousands of innocent surfing kids by providing them the information they can live without which.
- Like I use to give toys to my brother these blogwriters dont give any thing to the users.

These blogwriters use their ex-connections in Media and get printed again and again to target more and more innocents.
It is the responsibility of the newspaper firm owner to point out such socio-internet parasites crawling on their printed newspapers.

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