Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Death A sorrow but still . . .

I went to some cousin`s funeral few days back.She died because of India`s most common non-illness reasons;road accident.There was a gathering of two hundred or more people there.
A Hindu priest of our society was doing preparation of cremation,parents with brother, were standing and tears were rolling out from their as well as other members after all their young beloved daughter having age 23 passed without any intimation.
But out of this moment a sound of more unpleasant thing were running in background.The mobile ringtones :-
हर घड़ी बदल रही है तू भी ज़िन्दगी . . .
डोली सजा के रखना मेंहदी लगा के रखना . . .
Theme of Kal Ho Na Ho
Nokia Ringtone

Best one was . . chuckle of kid whenever an SMS is received.

This was the place where I agreed to Charles Darwin that we descended from ape.No matter how hard we teach each other " the manners of society" yet we ourself land by not following it.

How can I say to you "Please switch to silent mode in funeral".You all know that,already.
Life is a joy but still death exists.

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