Saturday, October 31, 2009

Naive Youth of India

I was reading news over Google Reader and I came across a news where "Young people take over Parliament".By reading this news you will see "how kids of other country are interested in politics."

President of America Obama also attended Mock parliament before he become President.
Kenya has one day mock parliament.They have minister assigned for its functioning and comfort.

You can always find Mock Parliaments of UK and Australia in youtube videos.In those videos you will see parents "smiling that their kid is coal minister or natural minister".

Last mock parliament conducted in India was in 2005 at Jaipur.

In India parents teach their child " not to go in politics".Due to such brainwash from childhood,they grew with a naive mind for politics.Even though they read in 6th,7th and 8th standard that "India is democratic country. . . .In democracy every one is equally responsible".Then what brought us to this verge that youth do not come to politics.A little education in them first divert them away from politics and then do good of them.
What is the method that can bring the interest back in the politics.
- At last voting of 3 states. approx.4000 contestant stood for 400 posts.Only 10 % will be selected in only one round.
- In BSNL Junior Engineer exam, 30 lac students contested for 12 thousand vacancy.
- In SBI also 11 thousand wants are out ; their criteria is also 12th passed so you can estimate the number of students appearing in it.

It is the youth who has to decide their direction.

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