Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Effective Social Transformation would become easier

"The Cemetery or burial should not be at a silent place, or at the corner of the city.It should be done in the center of the city or at the squares of the city.Such an act will let people know that,no-matter how rich they are or poor they are,they all will go to Cemetery one day.
It is because of these out of city Cemeteries man usually forgets this reality and follows money to the extent where realization of real life become zero(shunya)."
-Shri Shri. Tarun Sagar Jee Maharaj (Book: Bitter Truths)

I did not find any flaw in it.I had seen more funerals then marriages or any other happy occasions.I see truth in death only.A rich die or a poor, Cemetery welcomes all equally.It is a place where you can really realize the god`s presence.Even if Scientist die Cemetery has same wide gates open for them.
I still remember when a rich died,mayor of our city spoke for 15 minitues declaring him saint,at same Cemetery another poor family was standing peacefully preying for the peace of their beloved dead one.All my mind is now seeing it as "Cemetery is the only place in world which is equal for all."

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