Saturday, November 7, 2009

Danik Bhaskar not responding

After reading the third editorial of Chetan Bhagat in Dainik bhasker ripped my heart.Only thing that comes in my mind is "how a general man`s newspaper ,Dainik Bhasker,become biased of a person who doesnot live in India.".I wrote the reply to the editorial,email address of Dainik Bhasker, as mentioned in news paper but all returned is mail delivery failure.So copy of my mail is present in public inorder so that you can read and understand.I do not expect Sir Chetan Bhagat to read this off his busy schedule.But it will be great if some one send it to him.

Date:- 05 /11 / 2009
Before I write,I must tell you that I do not hate Chetan Bhagat or Bhasker.All I want to clarify is "Cheta Bhagat to bhasker is like ice-cream with pepper".

I grew up reading Bhasker newspaper.I live in Indore.I am a different student.I read politics and I take " My India very seriously".I had read almost all articles of editorial Bhasker.I am a web-developer so I know what Internet has.I had gone through the constitution of india superficially and I am dam sure that what "Chetan Bhagat " wrote is totally ir-rivalent to any thing in India or Indians.
That guy wrote few novels having porn-touch in it.those books were liked by those who were literate and those who belong to higher middle class to high class society.

Bhaskar is common man`s newspaper.
Reach of it is of more then millions.
Chetan Bhagat passed out of IIM and since then trying to become an NRI.Our bad luck he never become succesful and his books,insted of famous in US/UK,become famous in India.Then recessions and all made him visit India more frequently,where he was worshiped by the upper class and middle class society.

Sir,two things from this point.
1) Chetan Bhagat`s Case:-
read his articles yourself.He talks of things that are not in relation of India or co-relates about India.In India since 2002 Panchayat raj has been established and emphasized.He do not know about them.We all know what a perfect city/country means.Modeling them over India do not make any sense.
Involving facts and figures strengthen the trust over article.His article are plane and not a simple name of any office is involved.

If you still want to make him write for Bhaskar Editorial please message him,"India is a Agr-Based-Nation. People here work harder to protect religion(like it or not).Also, tell him to read about Panchayat raj and panchayat raj system".

2) Do not printed internet:-
We all know what internet is.its same thing as news paper without a paper.As Times of India`s editor wrote "Now is the time for print media to go to next level".It clearly means that print media should not be influnced by any phony born on internet.You have your own system of working all you need is to improve quality not increase number of work force.

I am too young to be harsh on any one.But dam! sure I can have a view.
Apologies to anyone who has been hurt.

mayank shukla

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