Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Indians Talking :: Partial Humor

While searching on google, I came to know that cheapest call rates on fone are in India.No other provider on any part of earth can talk cheaper then Indians! I think this is because Indians talk the most on earth.At every place we see crowd and always see some one talking.

- In exams invigilators are talking. (Kids have to be silent)
- Two White Uniform Officers on road talking.
- Two friends talking.
- A Girlfriend-boyfriend,new couple,old couple, etc all relationships talking.
- In church,mosque,Temple,Gurudwara etc two naughty kids always talking.
- Near Pyre One explaining other how tragically he/she died or relating this death to his own distant relative.
- Two dealers talking even when customer is standing on his head.

Topics of Talking :-
1) We cant meet for :-
a) After many years - MS/US students/husband to their GF/wife.
b) A1 year - newly engaged couple at distance of 200 + KM.
c) Less then year - Husband on 2-3 month project or Husband in army.
d) Guys to Gals,Guys to guys,Gals to Guys - on vacation of Month.

2) Have you eaten food properly:-
a) Mom to kids.
b) Girlfriend to Boyfriend.
c) Boyfriend to sick Girlfriend or angree Girlfriend,cze in all other cases they know gals eat.
d) Newly married couple - In love.
e) Married couple - Anger,"have made with so much trouble he should eat".
f) Where to meet - to have -lunch,dinner,brekfast etc.

3) Educational :-
a) Writing - assignment,files,home work, etc.
b) He knows better then me let me ask him/her!
c) Meet me in - Canteen, Or any other location.
4) Office :-
a) Where is that - file,folder,etc.
b) Boss - angry,good mood,sick,absent etc.
c) New affair in office ( Read point 1,2,3 ).
d) Task progress report.
e) Meet me in my cabin.

5) Home :-
a) Relatives.
b) Office Insider calls.
c) Assignments,Notes,etc missing data.
d) Confirmation calls - Is tomorrow a holiday,white dress day,meeting etc.
e) Trip plan calls - to agents, experienced relatives, even friend of friend.
f) Girls to - Boyfriend, mom, fiance, etc
g) Coming as guest OR Going as guest to some one`s house.

Only Red is the important thing to talk.There were no other topic found where a man needs to chat, still we Indians use Mobile in almost every work.Almost in 50% of Orkut Indian users have written "Mobile " in "Five things I cant live without ".
Due to presence of mobile in society, average sense of perception has fallen.
Where this over communication will end is still unknown but this is sure that upcoming generations will have to think about its limited usage for their better memory.

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