Saturday, December 19, 2009

Relation of India Pakistan

`People supporting  government` and ISI(Pak Army) are now infront of each other as USA has provided funds for “non-military activities” .This will control ISI and pakistan army`s  bad intention work.
At the time of SARC meeting 2004 in Pakistan I got an opportunity to meet Amir Meer, current CEO of Geo Television. We talked for a long time in front of hotel. Amir Meer was complaining about India that India do not talk to the elected leaders of Pakistan. India only talk to military leaders. He also said same thing for USA. At the time of talk about India there was no Trenchant in him, there was only complain. But at the time of discussion over America Trenchancy can was easily visible. Trenchancy like this for America was visible from Islamabad to Rawalpindi. At the time of Cold war, India and Pakistan were divide into two opposite group although India was having Non-Alignment Policy by his leader jawahar Lal Nehru. Even then India was backed by USSR and Pakistan was backed by USA.USSR was having a good control over Afghanistan at that time and India was also close to Afghanistan where as a good distance with Pakistan were maintained. Since then America is funding ISI to support terrorist activities in Afghanistan. Pakistan is using that fund against India since first installment. After the breaking of USSR those who received funds from USA become the rulers of the area.
Up to 9-11 America never gave any concern to the proofs provided by India on Pakistan Sponsor Terrorism. After 9-11 India`s then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpye told George W Bush”India was warning America from past 10 years”. It is after this George W Bush and US government realizes and forced Pakistan to reduce terrorist activities and involve internationally against terrorism. Pakistan military president Parvez Mushraff  en-cashed the moment very well. America also sent uncalculable sum in the session, due to this Pakistan`s public never stood in favor of America. At one side USA was talking about democracy in Afghanistan and at the same time it was financing Pakistan`s military ruler Pervez Musharraf. When Amir Meer was talking about the lack of democratic rule in Pakistan, He was constantly blaming India but his expression was not of Trenchant at the same time his expression for US government was full of Trenchant. There were two reasons
1) Then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpyee  flagged the friendship hand with Prime Minister of Pakistan Navab Sharif by starting a bus from Amritsar to Lahor. After a long time Pakistan`s public wish came true that both government should sit and talk over relation strengthening.
2) India was not taking Parvez Musharaf as a ruler of Pakistan whereas American Government was using Parvez Musharraf as a military ruler to continue the killings of Muslims in Afghanistan.

After talking to lot of  people from various region sects of Pakistan I came to conclusion that Pakistan citizens blame the military rule for the bitterness of  Indo-Pak Relation. Military rule came only when the democratic government of Pakistan tries to make good relation with India. Navab Sharif was the fresh sample of then. After resigning from the presidential rule in Pakistan Pravez Musharraf himself accepted that he received millions of US dollars from US government. Due to this step of Musharraf, US government for the first time passed a bill to pay the democratic government of Pakistan a sum of 150 crore US dollars per year for five years for the welfare of public. This decision of USA made the Pakistan Army very angry but people in Pakistan welcomed it, whereas  people  having a mentality of hate India”  and radicals have come again to people accepting the funds from USA. In September a bill named “Kerry Lugar bill” was passed in American Congress. Some of the conditions of this bill were not liked by the forces working against India. There are certain conditions of this bill which are as follows :-
  • A certificate should be provided by Pakistan Government  to American Foreign minister regarding the ban on promotion of Nuclear Technology. This should also contain the list of all Pakistani involved in the network of Nuclear related work in Pakistan.
    (A clear point towards A Q Khan who provided nuclear technology to various Muslim countries on the directions of Military rular Parvez Musharraf)
  • American foreign minister will be informed and certified that Pakistan is following the commitment of opposing the terrorism in all its aspect may it be military or intelligence.
  • American Foreign minister should be certified by Pakistan Government that Pakistan is not helping any terrorist group against American army working in Afghanistan or those terrorist group which can attack its neighboring countries.
    (A clear point towards organizations working against India; like lashkar-e-taiba,jaish-e-mohammed and many more pakistan army parts like ISI.)
  • American Foreign minister must involve the above points in the report to congress and also include that – there is no involvement of Army or pressure of Army over the democratic government. A keen eye on Pakistan`s defense budget will be involved in briefing. Role in strategic affairs of civil administration and civil administration so much in the army’s intervention.
The above four points of Obama Government will strengthen the democracy in Pakistan. Still the Government of India is against the American Aid to Pakistan. This is because of the traditional routine of Indian ministers. This is the first time India can be happy on the indirect help of America to India. Those powers of Pakistan who wants good of people of Pakistan are not against these terms. Only those are against these terms who either dont know the terms and religiously against USA or those who know every thing and are in favor of Military rule in Pakistan. Pakistan military is obviously against the terms and conditions of Bill because it has its tie-ups with various terrorist organizations against America in Afghanistan and India.

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